Tuesday, May 10, 2005

today is the day

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear bra-at, happy birthday to me! wow.... the big ole' 2-4 today ha ha it's a little weird how insignificant my birthdays have seemed for the last few years. Just another day in the life...
Especially this year. I'm alone alone on my birthday right now, cuz the guys went to go get measured for their tuxes. Much more important things going on right now, gotta get everything done because in exactly one month we will all be partying like crazy celebrating our wedding! Wow it's gotten here so fast. Wonder if life will slow back down after we're married. probably not. Then it will be the kids, then they'll grow up, and it will all happen so fast it will be hard to keep track of it all. At least that's the way the last few years have gone. I can't believe I'm 24 years old! On my birthday card, my boss wrote "wow you've had quite a few of these here, you're getting old like the rest of us!" and he's right, I have had 6 birthdays there. Doesn't feel right at all, I actually had to count on my fingers because I didn't believe the math in my head! Another "wow"... I was just thinking that I don't know how many people are actually going to be reading this, my life seems pretty uninteresting to me right now. Same as most other peoples' lives anyway.
well it's late, but it's time to start dinner
happy birthday to me again! =)

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