Tuesday, May 03, 2005

my random wonderings...

well as most of you probably know, I drive about 100 miles a day to and from work. yeah, I'm crazy, insane, nuts, whatever you want to call it. haven't figured out why I do it, but I do, and have been for over 4 years now. we'll see how much longer it lasts.
as I sit in my car for those long hours every day, my mind tends to wander. and I come up with some stupid thoughts, questions, comments, whatever. and I just decided that this would be a good place to collect them all! if you can answer any of them, feel free, and if you have any of your own (hopefully I'm not the only one who thinks crazy thoughts like this!), feel free to post as well.

here is the start of the list:

  • the billboards in between the tri-state/294 and eisenhower/290, is it more expensive to put an ad there because they reach 2 highways?
  • why doesn't the tri-state have exit numbers?
  • I read other peoples' license plates and try to figure out what they mean (see a future post, just got another list idea), how many people look at mine and try to figure it out?
  • sometimes I see cars/license plates during my drive that I know I have seen before. does anyone see mine and think "hey I saw her yesterday!"?
  • do people who pick their noses in their cars realize that other people can see them, or do they just not care?
  • I "googled" my own name a few nights ago. I wonder if anyone has ever "googled" my name, and what they found out about me

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